Why should use VPN?

A VPN opens up the world of the internet to you by keeping you secure, anonymous and private online. No matter what sites you visit, emails you send or receive or what you buy online, nothing can be seen by anyone.

Online Privacy

Maintain your online privacy by masking your IP address to prevent your ISP (Internet Service Provider) from being able to track, store or even sell your browsing data.


Stream your favourite TV shows from wherever you are in the world using one of our dedicated streaming servers.

Access Restricred Sites

Access sites that are restricted by certain governments even if you live in one of those countries.

Secure Public Wi-Fi

Safely complete tasks such as online banking even if you’re connected to Public Wi-Fi.


Have a look at how your own website looks in different countries by appearing to be located in them.

Access to your favorite content without restrictions


Automatically reroute the path of the server, so that your latency is always lowest, no network loss, flickering, timeout as traditional VPN.

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