Why use VPN?


Dedicated virtual network protects your online privacy, stabilizes the network connection, and frees you.

 Improve privacy and security

Encrypt your internet connection with VenusVPN to protect your privacy and ensure your connection is secure. Prevent your ISP or third-party snoopers from viewing your online communications, physical location, and browsing activity.

Bypass restricted networks and censorship

Escape the government for a rigorous censorship, including the Great Firewall of China. Resume your access to a free and open internet via VenusVPN.

Improve your streaming experience

Improve your internet speed, content access, and security while watching online streaming content. Venus Dedicated Virtual Network brings you the best streaming experience.

Failed data retention

Protect you from data retention laws. Encrypt your internet connection to protect your data and privacy and prevent your government from monitoring you.

Browse geo-locked content

Change your IP address to another IP address that is not related to your physical location. Choose from more than 70 venusVPN server physical locations and you'll feel like you're in the physical location when browsing the web.

Other uses

Facebook knows you too well. So do the third-party app developers and advertisers, constantly tracking your behavior on the social network.

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